Wartburgesel auf historischem Postkartenmotiv

The donkeys at Wartburg Castle A highlight for children

"Are there still donkeys at Wartburg Castle?" This is one of the questions most frequently asked by visitors. Many people still fondly remember the donkeys from their childhood. To this day, the traditional donkey rides are a big part of family days out at Wartburg Castle. Come and meet the Wartburg Castle donkeys – whether as a rider, companion or spectator!


When are donkey rides available?

The most recent chapter in the history of the Wartburg Castle donkeys started about 150 years ago. It is impossible to say how many visitors have ridden up the hill on a donkey in recent times or how much water the donkeys' predecessors carried over the centuries. Today, donkey rides are only open to children – unless you weigh under 60 kilogrammes.

The Hölzer family from Eisenach has run the donkey station for generations. It is open from Easter until the autumn, weather permitting. If you want to ensure that donkey rides are available on the day of your visit, please call the operators of the donkey station:
Tel: +49 (0)3691 210 404

Our team at the Wartburg Castle car park will also be happy to provide you with information:
Tel: +49 (0)3691 250 246

The donkey station is located on the access road to the castle, only a short distance from the car park.


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