Wartburg - Ansicht von Osten

Facts and figures

The assets of the Wartburg Castle Foundation comprise the historical castle complex including the Wartburg Castle hotel, the 'Wartburg bow' and workshops, the roads and car park, and a restaurant building. The castle is surrounded by 27.31 hectares of woodland. The Thuringian forestry office recommended a waiver of use for the 'foundation forest'. Most of the castle's historical buildings are open to the public.



Although the Wartburg Castle Foundation in Eisenach is a foundation under public law subject to supervision by the Free State of Thuringia, its day-to-day activities are not financed by subsidies. All expenditure on staff and administration has to be self-funded.

To finance the heritage protection and structural restoration work on the buildings and sites, the Wartburg Castle Foundation receives annual grants, in the form of project funding, from the state of Thuringia and from the federal government.

To maintain its charitable status for tax purposes and to separate its charitable and commercial activities, the Wartburg Castle Foundation – in a notarised document dated 21 January 1992 – set up a company called Wirtschaftsbetriebe Wartburg GmbH. This company is responsible for all commercial activities at Wartburg Castle. This includes the hotel business, sales of food and drink, the museum shop, the car park and the building department.

On 1 February 2001, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Wartburg GmbH subcontracted its entire hotel and catering business to Arkona-W-Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft mbH.


The Wartburg Castle Foundation currently has 36 positions in three departments.

In the peak tourist season, temporary employees may be brought in to work in guest services (organisation chart).

Commercial activities are undertaken separately by employees of Wirtschaftsbetriebe Wartburg GmbH. The museum shop, building department and car park facilities are staffed by a team of 16, who are sometimes helped by temporary workers during the peak season.

The Castellan is in overall charge of all employees of the Wartburg Castle Foundation and is a shareholder in Wirtschaftsbetriebe Wartburg GmbH, which is represented by a managing director.