Sonnenuntergang auf der Terasse des Hotel auf der Wartburg

Romantik Hotel at the Wartburg ***** A special place to stay

The hotel at the foot of Wartburg Castle was opened on 1 April 1914, with building work having begun only the year before. Since then, the 'inn for cheerful folk', as it was known, has accommodated many guests. The hotel, now part of the Romantik hotel chain, today offers luxury, tranquillity and relaxation. With 37 individually designed rooms, the multi-award-winning Landgrafenstube restaurant and the 'fountain of youth' spa, the hotel has so much to offer – you simply won't want to leave!

Zimmer im Hotel auf der Wartburg
Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg
Der Wappensaal im Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg
Zimmer im Hotel auf der Wartburg
Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg am Abend
Blick auf den Hotelhof aus Richtung Wartburg

The history of the hotel

In bygone times, the bread from the castle's bakery and the beers from its brew kettles will have fortified many a traveller who set foot over the drawbridge. Visitors would still have been sitting in the castle inn with a tankard of beer and a simple meal some 200 years ago.

But it was only when the ancient castle walls were being restored that it became clear that this modest inn could not accommodate its many visitors. This led to a new inn (which today is referred to as 'the old one') being constructed in around 1860 on the cliff north-west of the castle. It was the work of Wartburg architect Hugo von Ritgen, who wanted to establish an inn for food and lodgings that would play a key role in the traditional festivals held at the castle. For the next half a century, Ritgen's building underwent many modifications and extensions in order to withstand the throngs of people, until the decision was made to tear it down and replace it with a new building. The present-day Wartburg hotel was designed by the famous castle researcher and architect Bodo Ebhardt and built in 1913-14 under his instruction. He chose the existing red-brown conglomerate rock as his building material and based his design on Thuringia's typical timber-framed constructions. Deserving of its historical setting, modern and generously laid out, and beautifully furnished inside, the Gasthof für fröhliche Leut' is still a wonderful venue a hundred years on.

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